Sissener Sirius ASA

In view of the considerable downturn in the Nordic finance markets in the past year, we believe that there will be a number of favourable investment alternatives on the Nordic stock exchanges in the time ahead.

We aim to make good use of these opportunities in the interests of our investors.

The capital increase in Sissener Sirius ASA, issued from 11 May through 29 May 2009, was successfully closed. In total more than 360 people subscribed for shares for an amount of approximatly NOK 300 million.

The company's Board of Directors has made resolutions regarding the subscriptions and the allotment of shares to the subscribers. For information regarding the possibilities for secondary trading, contact the lead manager SEB Enskilda.

Sissener AS has the exclusive right to undertake active management of the company's portfolio. This includes buying, subscribing, selling and issuing financial instruments. The long and varied experience our managers have from work on securities markets, represents a unique combination of competence. Read more about Sissener AS here \\\


Long-term investment

Sissener Sirius ASA will invest in securities. The company's portfolio will consist of shares, bonds and other financial instruments issued by well-established companies, mostly those listed on Nordic stock exchanges. Initially the company will have a life of three years and investors should have a corresponding perspective for their investments.



All investments in shares carry some risk. Sissener Sirius ASA will have a moderate risk profile and will seek to invest in sound companies with solid cash flows. Risk control will be carried out on a daily basis, to ensure that the investment portfolio is always in accordance with our mandate.

Sissener Sirius ASA is a newly established investment company and therefore it has no track record that the investor can use to estimate the company's future returns.



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Board of Directors

Sissener Sirius ASA has a Board of Directors consisting of the following

Kristine Madsen
Chairman of the Board
Kristine Madsen is a partner in the law firm Bull & Co Advokatfirma AS. She graduated as a business lawyer from the University of Oslo in 1988, specialising in strategic advisory services, protection of intangible assets and ICT. She has her background from the law firms Wiersholm and Grette, and from the IT industry.

Melvin Teigen
Melvin Teigen is a partner in and CEO of the company Corporate Solutions AS. Teigen has more than 10 years' experience from investment banking in Carnegie ASA and Kaupthing ASA. Before that he worked at Oslo Stock Exchange, lastly as assistant manager of the stock valuation department.  Teigen graduated from Agder University College in 1982 and from BI (the Norwegian School of Management) as an economist in 1986, specialising in finance.

Tom Lysaker
Tom Lysaker graduated as a public accountant from NHH (the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration) in Bergen. He has long experience from Norwegian and international business after 20 years as a partner in Ernst & Young, Oslo, which includes 15 years as a member of the management group and/or as director, and 5 years as CEO. Lysaker also headed Ernst & Young's business sector for financial and transaction related advisory services in Norway and the Nordic countries for 5 and 3 years respectively, through to 2003. Since 2004 he ran his own business in strategic and transaction related advisory services and worked as a professional director.

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Lifetime: 3 years
11 June 2009

Contact managers in Sissener AS

For further information contact our managers:


Jan Petter Courvoisier Sissener


Phone:   +47 23 11 52 61

Kjell-Magne Rystad


Phone:   +47 23 11 52 63